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May 15, 2011
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CC: Fisher by kulapti CC: Fisher by kulapti

Dun worry I'm not going to work on it until after I've finished my RoA (almost done with all the sketchesssss). And to my regular watchers, I promise OCTs wonít dominate everything I post once schoolís out. Seriously I have lots of my normal type stuff thatís just waiting to be finished. |D

Monkey and I are tag-teaming and we're going to take this so seriously.

Fisher's an older character that I revamped to use here. He's so cute~ Okay I had fun figuring out breeds info for him. According to the AKC, whippets can run up to 35 mph. I canít find a reliable-looking source for salukis, but it looks like theyíre even faster. So going by the breed bases, Fisher would be pretty darn fast. And I figured out the height and weight using info on the breed bases because Iím so bad at making that stuff up for dogs. Whippets can apparently get a lot bigger than I thought lol.

Audition: [coming after RoA Round 1 ends xD]
Fisher's ref: [here]
Balloon's ref: [link]
Name: Fisher or Squirt (See History)
Breed Base: Whippet/Border Collie/Saluki/some Jack Russell and probably others too. Heís a mutt. :D
Age: about two and a half (human years)
Gender: male
Height: 22 inches at the shoulder
Weight: around 30 lbs
Abilities: Nothing unusual, except perhaps an incredible streak of good luckógood luck as in heís very good at not dying.
:bulletblue: Very fast and has excellent stamina; he can outrun almost anyone once he gets going.
:bulletblue: Extremely agile and good balance. He can turn on a dime and can also jump and climb fairly well.
:bulletblue: Fast thinker, pretty good at using his surroundings to his advantage.
:bulletblue: Good at reading body language, so pretty hard to fool.
:bulletblue: Heís doesnít panic easily in the middle of a conflict, though he will freak out after something scary is over. XD

:bulletblue: Small, lightweight build and skinny. Most dogs could literally throw him around, and it would be pretty easy to seriously injure him. Basically, once you get a hold of him, heís done for.
:bulletblue: Bones break easily because heís so lightweight, and he doesnít heal very quickly, even from small injuries.
:bulletblue: Teeth and claws arenít that sharp and jaws arenít that strong. Unless his opponent is a Chihuahua, heíll have to use strategy to win a fight.
:bulletblue: Very little fighting experience.
:bulletblue: If he gets distracted, he might very well trip over his own feet. Literally. XD

:bulletblue: Cheerful and optimistic.
:bulletblue: Wants to make friends with almost anyone that will let him, but is not very trusting and can be skittish around those he doesnít know well.
:bulletblue: Very loyal to and trusting to his closest friends.
:bulletblue: Submissive. Itís almost impossible to offend him or make him angry, and he doesnít like to argue even when he knows heís right. Also, in a fight, if you catch him he'll probably give up immediately.
:bulletblue: Heís not afraid of anything unless it proves itself to be dangerous. Heís not brave or trustingóhe just doesnít get really scared until he decides something is definitely a threat.

Fisher was born on the streets of a large city (somewhere in NW Europe, heís not exactly sure where) and mostly raised himself, learning tricks from other strays along the way. Around age one he befriended Christy, a fiery and independent three year old German Shepherd mix who had recently run away from home. They worked together to get food and avoid capture, traveling around and exploring, gradually making their way east.

They were separated during an animal control incident right before Squirt (Fisher) turned two, and heís been trying to his friend ever since. Not long after being separated from Christy, he found Balloon wandering around. Balloon decided Fisher would be a better name for him than Squirt, and he accepted this easily. They got along pretty well and travel together, and Fisher happily provides food for them both. Fisher and Balloon are relative newcomers to Pripyat, but have been there long enough that some others would recognize them.

Likes: Running, making friends, finding/catching food, tasting new food, exploring
Dislikes: Snakes, going hungry, fighting, dogcatchers, collars and cages

:bulletblue: He listens to Balloonís monologues. Like actually listens. He thinks she must be a whole lot smarter than he and uses that as an explanation for why he doesnít get anything she says. :D
:bulletblue: Good hunter and can catch and kill just about anything for food, as long as itís not bigger than he is.
:bulletblue: It doesnít help much in Pripyat since there are no humans throwing out old food, but he also has epic scrounging skills.
:bulletblue: ...has a very feminine voice...heís so straight he wouldnít even know you were talking about him if you suggested otherwise...



Art and Char by *kulapti
CC OCT by *Shinkoryu14
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